MA in Bilingualism Studies

Avez-vous jamais considéré des études supérieures?
Saviez- vous qu’il y a une maîtrise en bilinguisme ensiegnée par des professeurs de DLS?
Have you ever considered postgraduate studies?

Did you know that there is a Masters Program in Bilingualism Studies available that is taught by our very own DLS Professors?


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Congratulations to the Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the SLT scholarships this year as well as to the winners of the SLT elections!

Scholarship Winners:

DLS (French Side): Haylee Weese

SLT (English Side): Laura Matson


And here are the members of the executive committee for next year (2016-2017)!

President: Joanna Wiles
VP Social: Emily Oudyk
VP University Affairs: Steph Marshall
VP Finance: Kenny Beattie
VP Francophone Communications: Robbie Grant
VP Anglophone Communications: Jessalenn Gawat
Secretary: Laura Matson

We cannot wait to see what you do next year!


Here is the form to fill out for the DLS scholarship of this year! The due date of it is March 1st, 2016! REMINDER: If you study in SLT IN ENGLISH, then your application must also be written in English. If not, it will be rejected.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS, FOLKS, because Dirty Bingo is happening on February 10th, from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.! It will be 0.50 cents per Bingo card and we have a package deal of $2.00 for 5! All proceeds will be going to a mental health charity! Bring all your friends!
Do you want to be a part of the executive committee next year? The elections are coming up, so if you do, then we encourage you to think of the position that you want and about your campaign!


It is now 2016 and the SLT Student Association is back on their feet, ready to be at your disposal for any and all upcoming events and news that concerns you, future teachers! Our first event of the year is the WELCOME BACK BRUNCH (Take 2)! It is taking place next Thursday, January 21st from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.! We hope to see you all there!!! In the near future, we will be also bringing you news including the DLS bursary and Dirty Bingo! Cheers!

– Your Student Association

Hello, Have We Met? + Upcoming Events

While we do understand that it is a tad late into the school year, we would like to revive the DLS website by making sure that everybody knows that the student association is in fact alive and kicking! We invite you to check out our member profiles on the executive team page to better know the people who are representing our wants and needs in your program!

Tomorrow, on November 4th, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., we will be hosting our November De-Stresser! Feel free to come with your friends! Details are in the image below 🙂

November De-stresser

On November 18th, we will be hosting our annual Wine and Cheese event!!! This will be a super fun, semi-formal event where DLS students (old and new) and DLS professors can come to enjoy a little intermingling. This year, we will be collaborating with EFSA (English-French Students’ Association). Ticket sales will begin shortly so tell all your friends!

End of Year Celebration: Teachers After Hours

DLS’s end of year celebration is fast approaching! This year the theme is education. Here is the basic information, followed by the event description.

  • Friday April 10, starting at 6:30
  • Peter Devines Irish Pub in the Byward Market
  • $5 for DLS students, $10 at the door or for guests. Includes food and a drink. Buy your tickets from an exec member or come to the office during office hours


It has been said that, during school hours, teachers shape the citizens of the future. It has also been said that, after the bell rings, teachers ‘read all night,’ ‘recharge their robot batteries’ or ‘disappear back into their coffins.’

Okay, time to bust these myths. The DLS Students’ Association is organizing a REAL year-end celebration, a night for some… ‘Professional Development.’ Time to kick back, relax, and maybe go a little … wild.

If you would like to take part, come pick up a hall pass from the office for $5. Your hall pass is your ticket to the event, gets you delicious food and a drink…so leave your Starbucks at home. Passes for lab partners or non-DLS students will be $10. It is an all-grades event, but juniors above 19 should bring their ID.

Dress code: semi-formal. You may be asked to pass the finger length test.

We’ll see you in the Teachers Lounge on April 10th – mark it in your agendas.